Free Keyword Ranking Tool

google-490567_1280The most effective way of getting visitors to your website is via Search Engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.  They use keywords as part of the algorithm to rank sites for those searching the internet. To enable you to maximise your rankings, keywords are a critical component and you can use a free keyword ranking tool to assist you.


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How To Start An Online Business For Free

You’ve been thinking about getting into this internet thing and making some additional money.  With more than 2 billion people connected online, you feel there must be some opportunity.  However, money is limited and so you want to know how to start an online business for free.

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So you’re busy – get a family online calendar and organizer

Using your time well is an essential aspect of being successful, particularly if you are part of a busy family.  Thankfully there is a great family online calendar and organizing tool than can assist.

Do you have scraps of paper on the bench, in pockets, on the fridge or elsewhere?  Do you struggle to keep up with Johnny’s sport or Melissa’s music lessons?  And then there is dad’s shift-work and the parties …


We have this screen in our kitchen and look at it with our children every morning to go through the day.

Can you use your laptop, ipad, tablet or smartphone to seamlessly take care of organising your family?

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Building Online Equity

The goal of any investment is to increase our equity over time.

When we buy a house, we generally borrow money via a mortgage and hope the property value increases.  As we pay off the principle and the value increases, our equity rises.  We are now worth more than before.

If we invest in shares, we are hoping for the same – that they increase in value and our equity increases.  This increases our wealth and our net worth.

business-163461_1280What About Online Then – How Does Your Equity Increase?

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Opinion World Surveys Review

Opinion World Surveys Review

Name:               Opinion World

Website:            http://www.opinionworld.com, www.opinionworld.co.nz, www.opinionworld.com.au,

   www.opionionworld.co.uk,plus available in another 32 countries.

OpininWorld Survey EmailPrice:                 Free

Owners:             Survey Sampling International

Overall Rank:     7 out of 10



‘OpinionWorld Surveys’: Product Overview

They are a worldwide leader for survey companies. They provide survey’s to be completed online.  Points are earned for every survey complete – more points for a longer survey.  One entry is also received into their monthly major cash prize draw for every survey completed.

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Reasons people do not succeed in their online business!

In bright lights we continually see the glow of success emanating from Google, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Skype, Facebook, Pinterist and others. Alongside this picture are the thousands of businesses who never quite get there, only to eventually disappear without a trace – a dream never to be fulfilled.

diamond-500872_1280Most of us probably never set out to become the next Google or Apple, but we do want to have a successful online presence that at least turns a reasonable profit, enabling us to achieve our life financial goals and desired lifestyle. Why is it then that so often we fail?

This article will provide some valuable insight into failure online and what to do about it – turning your failure into long-term success!

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