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The Online World Is Full Of Opportunity For You

seoul-410266_1280There are billions of dollars of transactions being completed via the internet every year.  Companies such as Google and Amazon pay billions of dollars to people who use their advertising services or market their products.

The fact that you are reading this site indicates you are interested in making some money through Online Business. You have possibly tried previously with underwhelming results, lost money and experienced endless frustration.  You know others are making money but somehow you just can’t seem to win.

This page will highlight some methods of making  money online and detail the more proven options.

We will also discuss some tools that will enable you to make this happen.

My aim is that when you finish reading here, you will have a sense of renewed hope and determination to make something happen for your sake and for the benefit of those around you.


Key Methods For Making Money Online

Some of the key methods for making money are listed below.  We will explain some in more detail on this page.


  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Advertising on your site
  • Selling your own products & services – can include physical goods, services and e-books
  • CPA (cost per action) Marketing
  • Taking Surveys
  • Paid for completing work online eg. typing, writing, data entry etc
  • Membership type websites


tree-200795_1280Note: the most effective methods to make higher incomes generally require you to build a website and turn this into a money making venture (referred to as monetizing your site):

I will address Affiliate Marketing, Advertising and Selling Your Own Products & Services in more detail on this page.  These methods will generally deliver the best long-term solution for making money online.

I have personally worked on taking online surveys, completing online data entry and it is generally poor pay per hour.  You also need to keep working those hours or you get nothing. One of the first jobs I completed was keying in business receipts, I made less than $1 in an hour, and I am an average speed data entry person.


Affiliate Marketing

amazon-183750_1280“An affiliate program is automated technology that allows you to promote products/services of other companies. Your goal as an affiliate is to drive traffic to their websites and if someone buys something, you earn a commission (it varies between 1% – 75%+ depending on the program).” Definition from Kyle, WA website.

So what does this mean in simple steps?

  1. Build a website that serves a niche of some type
  2. Build traffic to your site through having valuable content and being found
    by search engines such as Google
  3. Join an affiliate program or programs such as Amazon
  4. Add specific links to products and services to your site
  5. When a sale is made on your affiliate website, you earn a commission
  6. Payments are made to you as per a set schedule



The key to a successful Affiliate Marketing business is getting the right people to your website and then offering your client the right product or service to purchase.

This is a win-win-win scenario.  The customer gets free information and purchases a product or service they desire.  The seller gets a sale and boosts their income.  The affiliate marketer gets commission in return for their valuable information.


An Example:

I have a niche website to do with ‘tips for flying with kids’.  I can have people arrive at my site from a Google search. The search should be as pin-point as possible so I get exactly the right type of person visiting the site.  This visitor accesses various information and blogs on the site.

As part of the site, I have various travel related items from Amazon.com.  These items have been selected carefully so a person travelling with children can get most of their necessary supplies from one place and just have them delivered to their door!

Every item they purchase, I receive a commission.  I can also add some travel-related e-books from Clickbank.com to the site also to provide a different type of product to potential customers.

Later on this page, I will detail how you can get started with a free website and step by step guidance.  You can also check out the Getting Started page on this website.


Advertising On Your Website

google-76517_640Companies will pay money to advertise on a website that is generating traffic. Most companies are continually seeking ways to make the consumer more aware of their products and services and gain additional sales channels.

The growth of the web has seen an explosion in corporate advertising involvement.  Research tells us that many people now use the internet to conduct their pre-purchase research into a product or service. Companies want to be present to ensure they can influence the purchaser.

The mechanics of having advertising on your site are not difficult.  Making it pay is far more difficult, however it very achievable.  It all comes down to doing it well.

Here are some key steps:

  1. Build a website that serves a niche of some type
  2. Build traffic to your site through having valuable content
  3. Join an advertising program such as Google Adsense where they will place relevant adverts on your site
  4. Design how the advertising will display (size / position / type etc) on your page and set up various advert spaces on your site
  5. Google (or similar) then displays adverts on your site from their clients
  6. When a click on an advert is registered , you earn a commission
  7. Payments are made to you as per a set schedule


yahoo-76684_1280A further variation is to actually negotiate advertising contracts with various companies and place their advertson your site for a fee. This is really only possible where there is a strong similarity between your website niche and the products and services of the company wishing to advertise. This company must have a reason to specifically want to be associated with your website.


Example continued:

We are now adding some Google Adsense advertising to our website.  We decide we want a header banner advert and then perhaps one more on most pages.  We can log into our Google Account and select the various advert types we want – there are a lot of options available.  Google will automatically generate the appropriate html code which we can then copy onto our webpage using the website tools we have.  Publish it to the internet and they are now live and can make us money.

All we need to do now is get people to the website and wait for the clicks!


Selling Your Own Products and Services

ebay-189064_1280There are a myriad ways of selling your own products and services online. Many people use companies such as eBay to sell items as the company already has the infrastructure and market presence.  Your job is to find the right product and represent it well ont he site so it sells for a good price.

A further option is to have your own e-commerce website.  You can add this functionality to your website yourself or use an e-commerce provider site like weebly.com to sell your items.

The potential challenges of this method compared to affiliate marketing are:

  • You need to have the e-commerce functionality on your own website
  • You will require infrastructure (and maybe staff) to order products, run a warehouse, ship items etc

The advantage is you get all the margin rather than splitting with another supplier


How Do I Go About Setting Up My Online Business?

Starting an online business can be very daunting, at least if you want one that actually makes money.

Questions arise like, how do I build a website, where do I host the website, how do I get people to visit my site, which affiliates do I sign up with, what products are good sellers, etc can quickly overwhelm us or cause great confusion.

I know, because I have been there – I have lost money, used valuable time, been frustrated and eventually quit.  Read about what can hinder your success and the keys to become successful.

The good news is that there are answers and help.  You can join Wealthy Affiliates the worlds largest community for online business entrepreneurs. At their site you have unbelievable resources. Some of these include:

  • wa_starter_350x350Step by step courses and tutorials that guide you step by step through the process
  • Video training and 1000’s of articles that grow your knowledge and expertise
  • Interaction with a worldwide community who answer your questions, provide feedback on your progress, share ideas and encourage you in your journey to success
  • Providing the technical tools to develop your website and business
  • 2 free hosted websites when you join this community
  • No pressure to buy or do anything. Premium membership is available for a modest monthly fee.  Please be aware however that you can still do what you need to on your free starter kit if you do not want to upgrade.

I can say – this is the best decision I ever made regarding building my online business.  I’ve wasted money before on scams or poor performing options.  Wealthy Affiliates has far exceeded my expectations and I have learned and done so much.


Sign up now for free – this will be one of the best decisons you have ever made.


Note: I upgraded to Premium within 48 hours of my free starter memebership as I was just so blown away by the value I was receiving.

Try it for yourself.

Sign up now, receive your two free websites, online business strategy and unlimited training & support.  You will love it 🙂


I would love to hear from you. Feel free to add a question or comment below.

Thanks for reading this page.



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