Building your own website is easy!

Maybe you feel that building your own website is difficult and intimidating. Perhaps you feel it is something beyond your ability! However, with the right tools, it is actually very simple and quick to build your very own quality website. Let’s explain.

My first attempt failed …

My first go at building a website was a fraught process. I purchased my own domain name and then proceeded to use the provider’s tools to build my website. However, it wasn’t long until I was lost, confused and realised that this was not working for me. This sent me on a journey to find better tools and somewhere I could receive training on how to do actually this. I ended my search at Wealthy Affiliate, the all-in-one provider.

Wealthy Affiliate makes the process to build your website fast and easy, and you can start for free!

Its easy to start

Start by simply selecting if you want to build a free website or one where you purchase your own website name (domain). Enter your new website name, title and theme. These provide the basic information for your website and once selected, the Wealthy Affiliate software will automatically build your website for you!

Learn as you build your site

Best of all, however, is that Wealthy Affiliate then provides you with a step by step guide to assist you in building every aspect of your website. The image below provides a glimpse of the ‘getting started’ lessons.

To successfully complete your website you just follow each lesson and complete the tasks. Once the website is built and content added, the Wealthy Affiliate training will educate you on things such as Google Analytics, Online Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, SEO and much more.

The Wealthy Affiliate programme will enable you to build a website to make money in your extra time. Best of all, they encourage you to select a topic you are passionate about and then turn this into a profitable venture.

The process is not as hard as you think! Give it a go – you may just surprise yourself in the process.

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Richard Wagener


  1. Yes, you are right, making a website today is very easy. You have to find a platform that is not a scam, like the Wealthy Affiliate platform. You have all the possible benefits and  training to create a site, so you can make money from it. You have all the recommendations from me.

    • Thanks Bojana.  Some other I tried early on seemed ok but when you get into trying to do the ‘next level’, they just fall short.  Further they do not provide the training and processes to help you be successful.  I fully believe in the Wealthy Affiliate platform and infrastructure, hosting a number of websites now for about 8 years.  

  2. I liked the ease with which you explained the entire process as I consider wealthy affiliate’s education a source of joy mixed with a piece of great knowledge in this digital era.
    As you said, the process is not as hard as one might think, it just needs to be given the right amount of effort, then we can accomplish the unattainable.

    • Thanks Jeeda for your response and insight.  Its amazing how it seems so hard at the start but following the process we get there!

  3. very clean and detailed website gets straight down to the point on how to make money online and how easy it is to make a website, you don’t have to scroll forever just to read it. Big fan on how you utilized the bullets in discussion about the topic of how you can make money online

    • Thanks Jesse.  The process is not hard, just requires learning and persistence.  All the best and Thanks. 


  4. Like you, my first website was based on the free WiX offering. It was very hard to create my website, but I eventually finished it. Frankly, it looked amateurish. Its intent was to approach people who were interested in having solar panels installed on their rooftops. I worked for a solar panel company and didn’t want to walk door to door. MYU website got zero results. 

    Eventually, I discovered Wealthy Affiliate just like you did. By that time I had left the solar panel business and got interested in affiliate marketing. The process to build a website at Wealthy Affiliate was so much easier. Being a one-stop-shop, it was wonderful to be able to purchase my domain names there as well as have them hosted essentially for free. 



    • Hi Edwin

      Thanks so much for your comments and sharing your experience.  The beauty with WA is the amazing community and training you receive to help you succeed.  Its a brilliant platform. Thanks. Richard

  5. Hi Richard.

    I agree with regards to Wealthy Affiliate. The training which is step by step and importantly for me, done at your own pace, makes learning the basics simple. I also find the WA community to be a great source of information, tips and encouragement. For the money nothing comes close to WA.

    Regards Mike

    • Mike, I so agree with your value for money comment – it is amazing!  The community that is there to support you and the training at your own pace makes the whole environment of Wealthy Affiliate great. Thanks. Richard

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