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google-490567_1280The most effective way of getting visitors to your website is via Search Engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.  They use keywords as part of the algorithm to rank sites for those searching the internet. To enable you to maximise your rankings, keywords are a critical component and you can use a free keyword ranking tool to assist you.


What Is A keyword?

All this talk of keywords! I hear you ask – what is it and why is it important?

A keyword is a “particular word or phrase that describes the contents of a Web page. Keywords are intended to act as shortcuts that sum up an entire page. (definition from Techopedia.com).

Essentially they provide a summary of what your page is about and the search engines use this as one factor to determine where your site should rank in relation to others with the same or similar keywords.

Keywords are normally contained in the heading, first paragraph and sometimes near the end of the body of the article or post.

Ok – I know I need good keywords – but how do I get them?

Great question!

Luckily you don’t have to guess as there are tools that can assist you.

A good keyword tool will analyse a word or phrase that you type into its search box and provide feedback to you that indicates the quality of this keyword.

Keyword Tool

Step One: Think of a possible keyword – you can use the alphabet soup method to get you started.

Step Two: Enter the word or phrase into the keyword tool  and search

Step Three: Read and analyse the results

Step Four: Use the software to ‘Dig’ further to find other possible  or better keyword options

Step Five: Record your good keywords for later article writing.

How Do I Interpret The Results?

There are some simple rules to follow when interpreting the results. You are wanting quality keywords which are those with ‘high search frequency’ and a smaller number of competing websites. In practise, the information returned by a search is:

  • Searches per month
  • Traffic per month
  • How many competing websites using that keyword?
  • Article Power
  • PPC Power
Keyword Tool Results For 'Free Keyword Ranking Tool' Query

Keyword Tool Results For Free Keyword Tool


Your choice depends on what you are wanting to do?

Is this for a major page or article for your website or is it for a regular blog post?

Some guidelines that can be useful are as follows:


Which KEYWORD do I choose?

  • Major Article = > 500 searches per month, < 200 competing websites
  • Blog Post = > 100 searches per month, <75 competing websites
  • Article Power should be high for major articles / posts – over 8.0 is excellent

Essentially you are looking for ‘low hanging fruit’ keywords that give good search numbers and traffic but with minimal competition.

The example using the title of this article shows tat there are 38 competing websites for this exact keyword phrase, making it relatively easy to get ranked, especially if you are already an authority on your topic.


'Free Keyword Ranking Tool' Competition Websites Results

‘Free Keyword Ranking Tool’ Competition Websites Results

What Free Tool Do You Recommend?

There are a number of tools available, with most costing money.  Here is my recommended free tool.


The Wealthy Affiliate Free Keyword Tool!


I use this tool almost every day to get great keywords for articles, pages and posts I am writing.  It helps me to know what is hot with the search engines but more importantly what I can write on that is a little unique.  Google appreciates unique content and it also limits the competition that an article has in ranking with search engines.

Product Features

Easily enter your word or phrase into the search box.

It searches the main search engines and returns all the key data in a simple table.

You can Dig further to uncover additional keywords

Save the keywords for later use

In essence, give yourself the best opportunity to be ranked in the main search engines by selecting the best low competition keywords. Use the Keyword Tool to improve your Google Ranking and get more visitors to your site.  Increased traffic  leads to increased sales.


This tool is part of the Wealthy Affiliate online program that maximises your online success.

Find out more about Wealthy Affiliate here and sign up for free access to the Keyword Tool.


I trust you have enjoyed this article and found it to be useful.  Please feel free to post feedback, comments and questions below – I love to hear from you and hope we can dialogue on thoughts this post has raised.




Richard Wagener


  1. Thanks for the information on keywords, Richard. You explained it very well. I also agree that Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to search your keywords.

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