Opinion World Surveys Review

Opinion World Surveys Review

Name:               Opinion World

Website:            http://www.opinionworld.com, www.opinionworld.co.nz, www.opinionworld.com.au,

   www.opionionworld.co.uk,plus available in another 32 countries.

OpininWorld Survey EmailPrice:                 Free

Owners:             Survey Sampling International

Overall Rank:     7 out of 10



‘OpinionWorld Surveys’: Product Overview

They are a worldwide leader for survey companies. They provide survey’s to be completed online.  Points are earned for every survey complete – more points for a longer survey.  One entry is also received into their monthly major cash prize draw for every survey completed.

These points can then be traded for cash, donated to charity or traded for more chances to win the main monthly cash prize.

It is a very easy system to use and it is very robust and secure.

 Opinion World Account Screen

Who are ‘OpinionWorld’ Surveys For?

Taking these surveys with Opinion World is for any person who wants to make a few easy dollars online. Survey’s generally take 5 to 30 minutes to complete and points are earned relative to the length and complexity of the survey.

This can never become a full-time occupation but you could make enough to purchase a few coffee’s a month or a present for your child or a text book as a student. It is good for topping up income in a non-stressful and easy way within your own home environment.

They are available in 36 countries and have a number of other linked websites – see details below.


‘OpinionWorld Surveys’ Positives & Negatives

OpinionWorld Survey History Report

OpinionWorld Survey History Report


  1. Anyone can participate. It does not require a high level of skill or investment in training.
  2. Survey can be done when you have a few spare minutes.
  3. There are options on payments including donating your points to charity or converting them to entries into the monthly cash draw to try and win some more substantial cash – often $1000+. You can get paid once you have earned just $10.
  4. They are good with communication, informing you when good surveys become available.


  1.  Quite often there may not be a survey that fits with your demographic. This means you may have time to do a survey but there is nothing available during this time-frame.
  2. The money is small and really only supplements other income. It probably works out about $3 – $5 per hour.
  3. You are giving away a lot of private information about you and your family. Their privacy policies state your personal details are confidential but there is always some risk.


Opinion World Surveys Tools & Training?

They have basic help and tutorials. This is sufficient for the work you are undertaking.


Opinion World Surveys Support

They have internet based support and have responded well to questions when I have required it.


 Opinion World Surveys Price

Joining is free and there are no additional costs.

They pay you via Paypal.

Opinion World Paypal Payment Receipt

Opinion World Paypal Payment Receipt



 ‘Opinion World Surveys’ Conclusion and Recommendation

This is a legitimate online opportunity to make a few extra dollars. The company is reputable and enrolling is easy. The work is not demanding and most people will be able to easily complete the survey’s.

Overall Rank:     7 out of 10


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Opinion World Surveys Details

www.opinionworld.com and 35 other country url’s

Survey Sampling International, LLC

6 Research Drive

Shelton, Connecticut 06484, USA



Parent Company SSI – www.surveysampling.com

Survey Spot Research – www.surveyspot.com

Choozz Research – www.choozz.de/en

Opinion Outpost Research – www.opinionoutpost.com

YourVoice Research – www.yourvoice.co.nz and other derivatives around the world

List of countries websites:   http://www.surveysampling.com/who-we-are/faqs?headerBodyScrollTo=Join


Genuine Opportunity or Not


This is a legitimate opportunity to earn a few extra dollars online. You won’t get rich but if you spent a few hours a week doing surveys, you could easily earn $50 – $100 per month. Extra pocket money!


Thanks for reading this review.  I trust you fond it helpful.

Please feel free to leave a comment or ask any questions below.


Richard Wagener


  1. I’m not a friend of surveys but your review made me think. With the Holiday Season now officially here, I may give it a try for some extra Christmas money.

    Thank you for the review.

    • I am not a big fan either but do complete them from time to time to get some income into my paypal account :). The positive is they are easy money. The negative is – the money is not great – but it is something and sometimes that can be a blessing.
      Let me know how you get on if you complete some surveys.
      Thanks for the comment and all the best.

  2. Hello Richard. This review makes me want to take a second look at taking surveys. It was something I tried some time ago but every time I got the message that “none were available for my area” so I would give up. Not sure if they were the same company you reviewed. You made it easy to understand and simple to read. Good post!
    Best wishes,

    • Hi Angela
      Thanks for the comment.
      I still do them form time to time when I have a few minutes – just add a bit of cash to my paypal account. They are poor money for the time – but easy and quite relaxing, so worthwhile from time to time. You can also try Clickbank.com – I have used them also and are fine.

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