You can be a novice and succeed

Launching out to establish your own business online can be very daunting.  Where do I start?  What platform should I choose?  Who can I trust?  What online marketing method is best to make money?  Of course, there are no black & white answers to most of these – it depends on your goals, passions, skills and creativity.

However, I have learned that working hard to gain the appropriate knowledge is so important.  It is being armed with this knowledge that enables you to answer the above questions.  My initial foray into building a website had mixed success as I was with a generic hosting company and used their tools to build my website – it just was too limiting as I came to expand and grow what I was offering to customers.  In the end, I made the call to rebuild from scratch on a stronger platform with more tools and support.

As you consider commencing an online business, the question screams at you “What Do I Do Next?”

To assist you with this, it is helpful having a online marketing road-map or script to guide you.  This type of road-map will provide the following for you:

  1. The next specific step to get your business operational and successful
  2. Details on how to complete each part of the process
  3. Necessary knowledge to get the job done now, and in the future
  4. Recommendations on technology, partners and programmes to assist in your growth
  5. Online coaching and support

Gaining business support like this is extremely valuable and will maximise your chances of success, when mixed with your own passion, courage, hard work, persistence and passing of time.  One such company that will assist you in an amazing way is WealthyAffiliate.com.  They are the worlds largest online-business community and provide a myriad of materials for free and for a very small fee an almost endless supply of all you will need to build the online business of your dreams.  Sign-up for free ,test drive to see if it for you and then upgrade your membership to unlock more if you see the value.  Access for free here.

Trust you found this post useful and I look forward to your feedback.



Richard Wagener

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