Building Online Equity

The goal of any investment is to increase our equity over time.

When we buy a house, we generally borrow money via a mortgage and hope the property value increases.  As we pay off the principle and the value increases, our equity rises.  We are now worth more than before.

If we invest in shares, we are hoping for the same – that they increase in value and our equity increases.  This increases our wealth and our net worth.

business-163461_1280What About Online Then – How Does Your Equity Increase?

This is all about increasing the value of your online presence.  As the value of your collective online involvement and business increases, so does your equity.

Here Are A Few Thoughts About Increasing Your Online Equity

Put A Stake In The Ground

flags-245677_1280It is important you own a part of the internet and the best way of doing this is to own your own website, preferably your own domain. This provides something for you to grow long-term that is yours.  It is not reliant on anyone else’s service to survive – it is yours.

You can develop it as you please

You can host it where you want

It can shout to the world in the way you desire

You can read about how to build a website


london-316011_1280Get A Good Location

Location, Location, Location!

You have heard this about property.  On the internet location is critical also.  Here are some ideas:

  • Use .com if possible.  If you can not get .com for the domain you desire, someone already has it and is probably stronger than you are at this moment.  You have a lot of competition to overcome.
  • Does your website fit in a profitable niche?  How well defined is your niche and who are you targeting?


Add Value To Your Website

As in property you make major returns when you develop your land.  The same is true of the internet. Your domain needs to be developed in a way that can cater well for your customers.

  • blogging-336375_1280Content is king.
    • Quantity of content is important.  People visiting your site need to find enough helpful and valuable information.
    • Quality is vital.  Visitors to your site want to find useful information in a format that is understandable and easy to process.
    • Content lasts for ever and its value can keep increasing long after it was initially developed and delivered .
    • A variety of communication (written,audio, photo, video etc) methods keeps it fresh and reaches more people


  • myeongdong-326137_1280Engaged customers adds value
      • It is one thing to produce a lot of content and have people reading and making use of your information.  It is even more important to engage your customer to a point where they want you to give them something of value in exchange for some money – more commonly known as  sale!  Equally important is the possible referrals you receive from an engaged customer.
      • Build your email list so you can enhance your customer targeting
      • Research what your customer really wants and then strategise how to best deliver this to them.


  • ice-375361_1280A positive customer experience increases value
    • A positive experience on your website  provides the best opportunity for them to get value from your content and ultimately purchase at your website.
    • This involves the layout, look & feel, ease of navigation, search facilities, ease of interaction and support if required.



Allow Time To Work For You

calendar-152139_1280Most forms of investment require significant time to pass for good value to be realised.  Treat time as your friend.

While you work on your content, time is increasing its cumulative value.

As customers engage, they can become more valuable over time


Developing online equity is the goal of any serious internet business person.  This provides the ability to receive a day to day income as well as grow the sell price of our website, should this be the path we choose.


  1. Get a website that is yours
  2. Get a good location – website address, niche
  3. Add value through content creation, customer engagement and a positive customer experience
  4. Time is your friend as it enables your equity to grow


To learn more about building your online business step by step, feel free to read my recommendations here


I trust you found this article informative and challenging.

I love to receive feedback – if you have any questions or comments, please leave these in the comments box below.



Richard Wagener


  1. Hi Richard,
    This is great information and very well presented!
    I really appreciate the way you make the point that time is equity. Too many people are in such a hurry that they lose that perspective!
    I look forward to more excellent articles.
    Christa 🙂

    • Thanks for taking the time to read the article. I hope it helped your learning in some small way. We often view time as our challenge and obstacle but it can also be our friend!
      Chat again sometime.

    • Dude you are so damn right. You can’t be more correct. But pelope just fail to realize that being a boss is never an easy job. There isn’t really any instant perks. The only thing you get is that you are building a brand of your own that can carry on with you as time goes by. Whereas, if you are just an employee and you have nothing when you leave your position, regardless of which big firm you used to work at. Once you are gone, you are gone, forever.

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