So you’re busy – get a family online calendar and organizer

Using your time well is an essential aspect of being successful, particularly if you are part of a busy family.  Thankfully there is a great family online calendar and organizing tool than can assist.

Do you have scraps of paper on the bench, in pockets, on the fridge or elsewhere?  Do you struggle to keep up with Johnny’s sport or Melissa’s music lessons?  And then there is dad’s shift-work and the parties …


We have this screen in our kitchen and look at it with our children every morning to go through the day.

Can you use your laptop, ipad, tablet or smartphone to seamlessly take care of organising your family?

Well – it is possible and we love it!

The Cozi.com Solution

Earlier this year, I was frustrated with the amount of paper floating around the house – to do lists, shopping lists, kids events, Jenny’s work schedule etc.

So I set about looking at options.  After a search I came across a great tool – best of all its free , although you can upgrade for a small fee to premium.

The software works across all your standard platforms.  It is fully integrated and synchronises the following:
– Calendar
– Shopping Lists
– To Do Lists
– Family Journal (premium)
– Contacts
– Birthdays (premium)

and more …

Organization On The Go

I can be anywhere and remember that we need some more eggs or butter and simply enter into Cozi.  The next one of us to go into the supermarket simply looks at the list on their smartphone and buys the items, ticking off each one as it is bought.

Access the synced Cozi on the go!

Access the synced Cozi on the go!

We may have just received an invitation to dinner or a party – I can simply check the synchronised calendar and confirm yes or no.

Maybe I am at my son’s football match and get a photo on my phone – I just add it to the family journal and write a brief message to build an online memory for us all.

Add to this To Do Lists, contacts, birthdays etc and it is a truly awesome product.

This is a great tool.


Sign-up for Cozi here


This recommendation is designed to just help you get more out of life and enable you to leverage your time better.


By the way – did I mention that I love this tool -it is central to our families management!


I would love to hear feedback on how you enjoyed this solution.  Please feel free to leave a comment or question below and I’ll get back to you.



Richard Wagener


    • Thanks for the comment. Yes – it is a brilliant tool and very easy to use.

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