Net Success Lab Review

Net Success Lab Review

Name:                  Net Success Lab

Website:              www.netsuccesslab.com

Price:                   $19 per month plus other monthly charges for add-ons

Owners:               Innovative site creations

Overall Rank:      2 out of 10



Website  Sign-Up Video Screen

Website Sign-Up Video Screen

 Net Success Lab Product Overview

Net Success Lab promotes itself as an all-inclusive internet marketing business package.

They promise to deliver you turn-key websites and templates – 20 to start (and more on a monthly basis) that you can simply take and use to make money.  In reality, they build you quick and cheap websites that will seldom make it in the competitive online world.

Once signed up with Net Success Lab, you will receive email after email like these.  This is a screen shot of my recent gmail inbox filtered by netsuccesslab.com and this is what did not get into the spam folder where I get 4-5 per day from them and their friends!



Spam Emails Recently Received from NetSuccessLab


Note the email titles such as

“You just made $877” or “Your weekly payment is ready” or “Your order is on hold”

which are not true at all – just a hook to get you to click and then try and sell you some other scheme.


For the record I subscribed to Net Success Lab and tried it for a while and got nowhere – just wasted my money.


Who is Net Success Lab For?

They are targeting anyone wanting to make a quick and easy buck on the internet!


Net Success Lab Positives & Negatives


  • You get a simple website!



  • Typical scam email

    Typical Net Success Lab ‘Scam’ Email

    They start promising you a free money making solution but then to actually do anything worthwhile, it costs plenty of money each month!

  • Websites do not make money; traffic to your website makes you money. These pre-packaged light-weight websites will not get you sufficient traffic. Quality content builds traffic!
  • They advise you to make money by selling advertising on your site. Problem – this is one of the least profitable means of making money on the website and can also drive people away.
  • You will be inundated with spam as per my experience.
  • The websites you receive are low quality with poor management tools. There are many free options for building websites, especially high quality, easy to manage WordPress sites.
  • Lack of transparency and openness


Net Success Lab Tools & Training

Training is by way of a monthly email that ceased after 3 months.

This was complex and did not adequately cover the steps to ultimately being successful and then stopped.


Net Success Lab Support

They offer very limited support, if any at all.  You are receiving so many spam emails from various sources, you are no longer sure who you are actually associated with!


Net Success Lab Price

Start with $19 per month plus other add-ins.  You will be closer to $40+ per month to start.

Here is my initial receipt and then I added a number of other add-ins


Initial Website Receipt

Initial Website Receipt


Net Success Lab Conclusion and Recommendation

This is an online marketing opportunity that fails to deliver.  It introduces the concepts to be successful but does not follow up with the necessary training and support to actually make it happy.  The pre-packaged websites are light-weight and in areas of business that may not interest you in any way, making it an uncomfortable fit for you.

I would not touch it unless you want to waste your time and money.  There are far better resources.


Net Success Lab Details



Genuine Opportunity or Not

In my opinion this is NOT a genuine opportunity


There are other genuine online marketing opportunities that will make you money.  Click here to read more


Thanks  for reading this review.  Please feel free to leave any questions or comments below this post.  If you want to know more about this site, just read my “About Me” page.

All the best





Richard Wagener


  1. Hi Richard, I have stumbled and fall for all kinds of get quick money prommisses, and I found everywhyere a litlle to no support at all, until I found Wealthy Affiliate with a tremendous back yard of courses and an unique support system, I am very glad I didn’t fall for this Net Success Lab get rich quick scam, I really believe, when you want to get rich on the internet you need a thourough education and have to work for it, thanks for your review, Loes

    • Thanks for the comment. You are so right and Wealthy Affiliate gives a brilliant education so you can then do what YOU want! You get the tools.
      All the best.

    • Thanks Andrew for reading and the comment. Its good to be knowledgeable about what is happening out there.

  2. Thorough review here. There are so many work at home sites out there and it’s hard to distinguish sometimes which are scams until you’ve laid money out. Thank your for this post. I’m sure it will help many people.

    • Thanks for reading the post and posting some feedback. I hope it will helpful to a few people.



  3. Hi Richard,

    Thanks for sharing such a detailed review. The web is full of such scams and these reviews can certainly help many from getting ripped off.

    • Thanks for the comment. Certainly hoping it will help some people earn properly online and not get ripped off. Thanks again. Richard

  4. Hi Richard,

    Thanks for sharing such a detailed review. The web is full of such scams and these reviews can certainly help many from getting ripped off.

  5. Excellent job. It is incredible that netsuccesslab.com comes down on other sites that promise success only to be worse than them.. Thanks for the information and thank you Wealthy Affiliate

    • Thanks. “None so blind as they that will not see” I think it is. I believe it is very hard for anyone to offer a real opportunity that is simply pre-packaged. The market is moving to fast and is getting smarter all the time – even Google, Bing etc. Appreciate the comment.

  6. Its amazing how these scammy operations think that we have tons of time to watch their videos and be taken in by this stuff.
    We are so blessed to find real opportunity on line with Wealthy Affiliate!

    • Great comment. Thanks.
      I am going to post another follow up to this one as got another ‘fantastic’ email through today that just fits everything about ‘scam’! WA provides real business how to – a very different proposition.
      Thanks again. Richard

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