Best work at home jobs that are not scams

Have you ever wanted to work from home so you can enjoy flexibility, maximise family time and eliminate the commute and the boss? One of the biggest problems is actually finding a legitimate job that pays you well long-term.  In this article, we will discuss the best work at home jobs that are not scams.

mac-459196_1280In Particular We Will Cover The Following:

  • What makes a good work at home job?
  • The main pitfalls to be aware of when working at home.
  • Using the computer and internet to generate sustainable income
  • How to avoid ‘jobs’ that are in fact scams?
  • Recommendations


 My personal hope is that by the time you finish reading this article, you will have a good understanding of great work at home jobs – something that will suit you.  

Further, I will be very happy to discuss this with you personally and help you find the opportunity you are looking for.  Simply place feedback in the comments below and I will respond.


What Makes A Good Work At Home Job?

Lets have a brief discussion on what a good work at home job may look like.  Of course, it will be different for each one of us, depending on our life situation, goals, values, desires, resources and skills.  Perhaps consider the following:

  • It pays well. This means different things to different people but are you being paid sufficient for what you are doing?  If it is a business, are you profitable?
  • The job or business  has the potential to increase in income over the longer term.  Is it dependent solely on you earning hourly wages or are you working towards gaining an increasing return and eventually a degree of passive income.
  • It fits with your schedule and home responsibilities.
  • You can utilise the tools and resources you already have. at home like the internet and a computer.
  • It is a job /business and not a game of luck or chance.
  • There is the opportunity to utilise skills you already possess. If you do not have the skills already, the company needs to provide adequate training and processes to enable you to be successful.
  • It is a legitimate and ethical job.

Take a few minutes to work through these criteria and analyse if your opportunity actually stacks up okay and will deliver what you require now and in the future.  Use the worksheet below to assist if required.

Use this worksheet to determine if this opportunity is good

Use this worksheet to determine if this opportunity is good


What Are The Main Challenges And Pitfalls Of Working At Home?

rubiks-cube-311595_1280There are many benefits to working from home. however to be successful you must be able to conquer these challenges and pitfalls.  Some of the main concerns are:

  • Lack of discipline -do you start too late, finish too early, watch too much television (eg. sport / soaps) or spend to long surfing the internet?
  • Working too many hours – using every waking hours and not achieving the balance in life you were looking for.
  • Little ‘outside’ communication can lead to loneliness, lack of creativity and poorer problem solving.  It is also possible to simply lose touch with your industry unless you are intentional about keeping knowledgeable.
  • Not enough income. Some online jobs can have a degree of certainty around income eg. doing 20 hours per week of data entry for a client / employer, but many do not.  Often new ventures take a while before they make money or earn sufficiently to keep you full-time.
  • Keeping on top of administration.  In a workplace, there are often administration people who take care of filing, paying bills, submitting tax returns etc – now you have to be responsible for all this.



Using Your Computer And Internet To Generate Sustainable Income

We have opportunities to prosper from home like no other generation.  The power of computers / tablets / ipads / smartphones presents us with almost unlimited possibilities.  The advancement of the internet provides the highway for us to connect with ideas, opportunities and people from all around the world.  No longer are we so limited by geographic boundaries.

ball-419198_1280There are almost 3 billion people connected to the internet in 2014, that is approximately 40% of the world’s population.  This is a massive market and growing rapidly.  Even accessing 1% of this market is a massive 30,000,000 people.  This just illustrates the hugeness of the opportunity.

Alongside the scale of the market is the breadth of what you can do using your computer and internet.  You can read an article on ways to make money online for a deeper understanding and more ideas.

There are thousands of ways to make money online, many however provide a very poor return or are just straight scams.    Here is what I consider the best approach:


  1. Build your own website
  2. Develop good content
  3. Get traffic
  4. Make money


4 Step Process for Successful Online Business

4 Step Process for Successful Online Business



Why is this proven method considered a great approach?

  1. It gives you a permanent place on the internet to say is yours – its like owning your own house, you have more opportunity to develop it, increase value and people know where to locate you.
  2. You can develop long-term, providing the opportunity for passive income in the future.
  3. Content will continue to earn you money long after you actually finish working on that piece.
  4. Your returns on activity are traceable, quantifiable and able to be tweaked.  You can see what you are doing that is working and what is not.
  5. You are not limited to someone else’s area of expertise or the box people seek to put you in.  You can work in an area of passion and turn this into a profitable business.
  6. The tools such as provided by WordPress and Google are already all available and mostly free.
  7. Your website has potential access to the nearly 3 billion internet users
  8. Set-up is very cheap
  9. You do not have to be a computer expert – you can learn step by step how to build your website and develop your business.


How To Avoid ‘Jobs/Businesses’ That Are Scams?

In your search for the starting the perfect online job / business, you will meet many varying opportunities and promises.  Many are targeting people with the idea of ‘get rich quick’ schemes or ‘make money with no work’.

Typical SCAM Website  Sign-Up Screen

Typical SCAM Website Sign-Up Screen

This is just fairy land and dream world.

As with everything else in life, success takes time and effort.  Few people just make it overnight.  The world of the internet is no different.  Build –> Develop –> Profit is the process.  Consistency is the key.

So how do you avoid a scam artist who promises the world but delivers very little value?  They take your money but give little or nothing of value in return.  Here are some key aspects to watch out for to determine if it is a scam:

  1.  They promise that you will “earn $xxx quickly” or “in 30 days I made $xxxx.xx” are common approaches.  Often they will sow their bank statement details – which of course may be right as this is the money they have got from all the poor people that signed up.

  2. They limit their offer to “the next 20 people only” or “this link will cease to work in the next 5 minutes – you must act now”.  What respectful and professional company will force people into making decisions so quickly with this much pressure?  These are important decisions and you deserve the time to make a good decision.
  3. Typical scam emailThey generally ask for money upfront, or at least in the next 1-2 steps during the sign-up process. You get little value without paying them!  Most reputable online job / business opportunities will offer a “try before you buy” policy or simply provide free services for the lite version and a fee for a premium version.
  4. They will not give you easy access to contact them with questions or support – and certainly to try and get your money back after you discover you have been duped!

Be alert. Check out the review on netsuccesslab for an insight as to how scams can work.  This includes screenshots and actual charges etc.


Number One Recommendation:

This article is designed to help you choose a wise long-term option for growing your income online – and for free.  There are many thousands of options available but nothing as secure and certain as building your own website and letting it make you money over time.

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Also – you can join for free and get 2 free websites when you sign-up.

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Thanks for taking the time to read this article. I trust you found it informative and useful.  I always enjoy feedback and questions, please don’t hesitate to leave a question or comment below.  You can also contact me at my Wealthy Affiliate profile if you wish.

All the best.


Richard Wagener


  1. Hi Richard, when there is to many blingbling on the invitation and they offer you only richness when you act immidiately, because they can only “help” a few people, all alarm bells should go of ringing in your head, well done report, Loes

  2. What really makes me mad is when someone e-mails me for weeks or months at a time to join their business and promise they will walk you through the entire process. But once you pay the signup fee, you never hear from them again. Great report on what to look out for.

  3. Hi Richard
    Thank you for Your article, and your advice on avoiding scams. In today’s world, this kind of information is very much needed, and appreciated, by everyone who is looking to get into the ‘work at home’ online business world.
    Thanks again
    Ian McK\ay M A

    • Thanks Ian for your added insight. It can be tricky finding the opportunities among all the scams and ‘get-rich-quick’ merchants. However, with some knowledge and assistance it certainly is possible.

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