Where are you heading?

I love to fly and even have my own pilots license which enables me to fly 2 & 4 seater Cessna’s and Piper’s.  What a thrill to get in the air, flying over mountains and rivers, touching down at some remote airstrip and exploring the places you seldom get to.

Flying over the Southern Alps in NZ

Flying over the Southern Alps in NZ

Refuelling the Cessna 172

Refuelling the Cessna 172









These amazing experiences can only happen if you plan where you are going.  Planning requires some of the following items of preparation:

  • How much fuel you need?
  • Is the landing strip suitable for your type of plane?
  • What is the weather like?
  • Am I within weight and balance limits?
  • Do I have the correct maps and tools to get there?

All this can be arranged once you know where you are wanting to go!

Business is no different:

Establishing your intended Destination or Objective is the starting point!

In this website, we are focusing on ways to make money when you have limited but flexible time.

So our objective may be something like:

“My objective is to build a sustainable business that will provide passive income over the long-term and maintain my desire to have flexibility.”


“My objective is to build a sustainable business that pays me long-term using internet marketing.”


“My objective is to grow my skills and abilities so I can build and sell websites in my flexible time.”


“My objective is to use my time to research and act of various investment opportunities that will build long-term wealth.”

Build Long-Term - Know Your Objective

Build Long-Term – Know Your Objective

How do you define your objective?

One of my favourite children’s books is “The Bike Lesson” with the Beereston Bears.  In this book the dad is teaching his son to ride his new bike and in one of the final lessons the dad is seen disappearing over a cliff as he says “first one must know just where this road is going to go”!  He did not follow his own advice and thankfully was saved by a tree halfway down the cliff.

The first key to defining your objective is simply working out where you want to be in the future.

Ask questions such as:
  1. What do I want to do with my life?
  2. What am I passionate about?
  3. What skills do I have?
  4. What legacy do I want to leave?
  5. Where do I want to live or go to?
  6. What type of relationships do I want to have?
  7. Who is important to me?
  8. Why do I do what I do now?
  9. Do I want to change or am I happy with my current course?
  10. Do I feel a calling or a special purpose?


These types of questions enable us to hone in what we want from our life!


For me – Some key things that help me define my objective is

  • I love to help people
  • I am passionate about mentoring and training people.
  • I adore my wife and kids – they are a huge priority
  • I am committed to my faith and church community
  • I totally enjoy sport, adventure  and the outdoors

These help to define my objective.

Teaching Business in Tanzania

Teaching Business in Tanzania

Redefine your answers

Once you have answered questions about where you want to head, redefine these so you start to state them into what you might want to do.  For example:

  • I want to train people to be better at business
  • I want to be financially secure and provide a future for my family
  • I want to maintain flexibility in my lifestyle so I can be there for my family and friends
  • I desire to …

As you further define what you want, it enables you to narrow down your objectives.

For me:

  • I want to be there for my wife and kids and this requires flexibility due to my wife’s intense job demands.
  • I desire to leave a financial legacy for my children so they have a head start to life
  • I love to input and mentor people

These statements enable me to define my objective further as I have determined that it must include:

  • Flexibility
  • Growing, loving and well functioning family
  • Serving others
  • Long-term financial growth

Write your objective(s)

Once you have defined what you desire, you set about crafting your statement.  You may have more than one objective – one for family, one for business, one for personal growth, one for spiritual development etc.  However, they should all be in alignment with your overall objective.

Here are a few useful tips to writing your objective:

  1. Make it succinct – no more than a couple of sentences.
  2. Make a statement where every word is important
  3. Include all your key words / thoughts in the statement
  4. Ensure it is captivating and motivating so it causes you to dream, work and reach for the best
  5. Review what you have written and make sure it stirs your passion.  You will need passion to achive something over the long-term.


Now you have it!

Defining your objective is critical to achieving long-term success and more importantly significance.

Set some time aside to develop your objective(s), it will give you a destination on which to point your life and enable you to look back with satisfaction.

Once your objective is clear, the next step is to set some realistic and tangiable goals.  You can learn more in my next post!


Thanks for taking the time to read and I trust you found it helpful.

Please feel free to leave some feedback below – questions and comments welcome.


Richard Wagener

Richard Wagener

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