6 tips for your part-time online job!

Starting a part-time online job can be highly profitable and provide the flexibility you crave.  This article provides 7 simple tips on how to get underway earning money online, in particular making use of your own webiste.

1. You can start for free

You simply need the desire, some time, internet connection, computer and the willingness to learn.  Getting your own internet presence through a website you build is very easy to do these days and does not need to cost a dollar!  I will provide some detail on how, later in this article. 

2. You don’t need any prior knowledge

The idea of building a website or starting on the internet can seem so overwhelming and for good reason.  When I started, I tried by using various tools and resources, primarily from the website domain selling sites.  However, these simply did not provide enough of an education, a systematic process or the tools to complete the task.  I struggled and eventually decided there must be a better way.

The good news is there are places that are dedicated to helping you achieve your goal.  They provide the knowledge, resources and process to start and grow your online business.

3. Process and Persistence is key

Many people are looking for the ‘get rick quick scheme’ or the ‘magic idea’ but guaranteed success occurs by selecting a well-known method and consistently following a proven process.  One of the most proven methods of online success is utilising your own website, attracting visitors and monetising through affiliate marketing and/or selling products. 

However, the key is learning your process and executing consistently.  It takes time to gain trust for your website and with the increase in trust, your website visitor numbers grow.  As numbers grow, the opportunity to monetise your site and earn money online becomes realised.  The key though is consistency and persistence as it will seldom happen overnight.

 4. Utilise your existing skills and passion

Building your website is not very difficult but how do you choose what type of website to build?

One of the great benefits with building your own internet presence is you get to choose what you want to do.  There are over 7 billion people in the world and so there are plenty of other people who are interested in similar things to you.  Better still, many of these are keen to find information, solutions, extra knowledge, ideas or interact with people who share similar interests.  Your job is simply to create a site that provides a reason for these people to visit.

In the online world, we talk a lot about selecting your NICHE.  Your niche is an area of interest and generally the narrower the better as this enables you to target your website to your audience.  If this interest area is something you are passionate about, it provides the long-term desire to keep investing your time to grow your business.

Access some great training on selecting your NICHE here:

5. Find the best infrastructure to help you succeed

I started a few years ago with almost no knowledge and as a result, floundered with my first website.  Alongside this, there are so many things to do:

  • where do I host my site?
  • what security do I require?
  • what type of development platform do I use?
  • what happens when I get stuck and need help?
  • How do I ensure my site has good speed?

Your job is made so much easier if you can access an internet infrastructure that provides all of this for you, plus the education, training and supportive online worldwide community.

After my false starts, I ended up with Wealthy Affiliate.  That was 2014 and I am still there, now with more than 5 websites and a lot more expertise!

6. Start small and start now

The biggest opponent to having a successful online part-time job is not starting.  

Many people don’t start because they feel it is too hard or maybe they put it off for another day.  The good news is, you can start right now and then just grow bit by bit.  If you were to invest just a few hours per week, you could have a very successful additional income within 6-12 months.  Time then becomes your friend as your website becomes more known, both by people and by search engines such as Google.

Take the plunge now with no risk.  Learn more about how to start for free here,

I hope you make the decision to start today 

My hope is that you just have a look today.  Wealthy Affiliate provides outstanding infrastructure, an incredibly friendly and helpful community and all the training you require.  Their process is proven.

Check it out today and get started.  Click on the link below to create your free account.  No credit card is required.  

Create your free account and build your own website and enjoy training – all for free.

Wealthy Affiliate


Richard Wagener


  1. Hey this was an interesting read! Definitely useful for me as I’m currently taking the plunge in the online business world!

    I know it isn’t a get rich quick scheme, it requires time, patience and a lot of work to seek financial freedom however thanks to platforms like wealthy affiliate, it has made starting and running your own online business a lot easier!

    Thanks again for providing this information!

    • Thanks so much for the response and glad you are seeing progress in your online business. 

  2. I like your style, I have also been online for a while but only had the luck of running into Wealthy affiliate in 2020. I love the community at wealthy affiliate and the fact that you can get help anytime you need it. It’s such a great resource and I’ve learned more in the past two years than I ever did trying to learn on my own.

    • Scott – sounds a bit similar to my story.  The training and community at Wealthy Affiliate is truly amazing.  Thanks for the comment.

  3. I totally agree with these tips. Wealthy Affiliate is the way to go, as it provides training and community that really are the key to success. Just like you said, I got started slow, as I work full-time, and built my website up over time. I chose a niche I am passionate about and focused on how I can help others. Anyone can do this with the support of Wealthy Affiliate, but it is work (but fun work in my opinion).

    • Love your reply – thanks so much.  I totally agree that it is work – but wow – it is so much fun!

  4. Hi Richard!

    I have been researching Wealthy Affiliate for a few years before I actually signed up! I am a witness that Wealthy Affiliate is the way to go if you want to break into the online business. Wealthy Affiliate has been the best decision I’ve made. The community is excellent. There is no place I would rather be. If you are reading my comment. I encourage you to take hold of Richards’s awesome recommendation for your free account! Thanks, Richard for letting me comment and give my opinion on your tips for your part-time online job.

    • Like you, the whole infrastructure and support in place I have found amazing. Thanks for commenting. Richard

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