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My Office This Week!

My Office This Week!

In my part of the world, the Christmas holidays have just begun – 6 weeks off for the kids and a whole lot of fun.  One of the great things about working in an online business is that I can simply blog at the beach – exactly where I am writing this post.

Those who have read a bit of this site know that I am a stay at home dad, looking after our 4 wonderful young children while my wife works as a Doctor in a New Zealand public hospital.  This week she has gone to Australia for work, so I have taken the children 400km north to my parents place at the beach.


Yes I Am Still Working Online

The beauty is everywhere here – so picturesque.   Today we went fishing, swimming, climbing trees and played inside and outside.

And – now I am working.

I have internet here and so I can stay connected and still blog.  I am still able to work on my website and grow the business, even though I am 400km away from home.


You can still build your business here

You can still build your business here

Creative New Thoughts At The Beach

A change of scenery can lead to new and creative thinking.  No longer am I getting kids to school, going to swimming lessons, hurrying to ballet or music – but now surrounded by beauty and more calm.

I can find a few minutes to reflect and think.  It is amazing the creative ideas and thoughts that come our way.  We can plan, strategise and get new ideas.

One key however is to make sure these thoughts are recorded – have a notebook or smartphone with you to capture these gems.


Or build it here!

Or build it here!

Keys To Working While On ‘Holiday’

It is huge privilege to be able to just take my work with me and build my business from almost anywhere at anytime.  Here are a few tips about working while on holiday to make it effective and also enjoy your time away with family & friends.

  1. Think creatively throughout your day, taking inspiration from the environment around you. Remember to record your thoughts somehow.
  2. Schedule slots of time to write and interact with your website.  This business is still not your top priority, so play with the kids, fish, enjoy your partner but take some time to do online work.  A little every day or two will still build your business.
  3. Take a complete break if this is needed – Google will not panic if you miss a week!
  4. If you are worried about your sites visitors and Google’s response for being quiet for a week, write enough posts prior to your holiday and simply upload them to fit your schedule.

Online Business Is Flexible Work

Creating your own online business has the advantage of being very flexible.  Work where you want and when you want.  If that is what you desire, simply read how to get started.

This website is dedicated to looking at making money from your flexible time using the internet.  Building your business while on holiday is just another advantage.

Yes – you can just Blog At The Beach!


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Thanks again for reading this post.






Richard Wagener


  1. Hello, Richard. Great website! I really enjoyed reading the Blog at the beach article. It’s great when you have such awe inspiring views to be creative. Great job, keep it up! Cheers!

    • Thanks Peggy for taking the time to view my site and read some articles. Some places just help us to be creative!
      All the best and have a merry Christmas!

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